Tough questions - Answered !

Most common questions/obstacles 
- one line answers

 How to share the Gospel in the C19 days



                                                                   1. Why doesn't God stop the all the suffering ? !

             Bible/God/Jesus actually promise much suffering !  Our time here is a relatively short test - Eternity awaits.

                                                                2. Surely Evolution and the dinosaurs disprove the bible ?

    Macro-Evolution is pseudo-science nonsense. 'Dinosaurs' (terrible lizards) are in the Bible - Behemoth, Leviathan, etc

                                                                   3. People wrote the Bible, so how can it be trusted ?

       The Creator can communicate with his Creations accurately and easily. He designed your brain - He's smart !

                                                             4. What about good people of other religions ?


If good religious people get to hear about Jesus' Gift of salvation and reject it, their sin remains.

                                                                 5. Surely doing your best in life is good enough ?!

      Doing your best is good, but, if you can get to heaven by doing lots of good things, then Jesus died for nothing.

                                                              6. Where is the evidence that Jesus rose from the dead

     Ample ! Romans were good at killing and keeping people dead. His scared followers all of a sudden became fearless

                                                                 7. The church is full of hypocrites so why bother !?

      Partly true - but Christ was perfect !  Become a Christ- ian - not a Church-ian. Hypocrites  are not real Christian 

                                                               8. Where did Cain get his wife from ? Is this incest ?

                    Adam and Eve had many many daughters. Unique genetic time - had to start somewhere

                                                          Contact me if you'd like longer, more detailed answers

                   How to share the Gospel in the C19 Shut-down

1. Prayer - Obvious, but sometimes forgotten in evangelism. If going out to the shops or park or going to chat to someone by phone or email, etca 'pre-prayer' makes a big difference. ! Something like....Lord I ask that you would give whatever it takes to to reach this person, and that you would open up the way, by your Holy Spirit working, to share some or all of the Gospel with them.

2Be friendly and loving Be genuine, not fake, there's too much of that around ! You've heard the saying 'people don't care you know till they know you care' -this is often very true. Really listen to them, don't just make out that you are. When you ask "How are you coping with what's going on ?" , this alone can open the floodgates when it it's asked compassionately. We often have to make the first friendly move towards people as they're so introverted, especially now.


3.  Practical - Obvious I know, but needs to be said. Ask them how they are you coping ? Say "if there's any way I can help, just let me know". Make some suggestions like looking into a certain problem online that they're confused about, or offer them some money if they're desperate - even just offering in this way speaks volumes. However you could be of help basically, like helping the elderly set up a home food delivery or drop something off yourself at their doorstep that they need.   

4. Key questions  Ask them first what their opinion is about the virus situation. and where it's headng. When you've shown that you're not just 'jumping in' with your own 'religious views', but actually genuinely interested in theirs, then they'll respect your views even more. This provides a platform for you then to give the answers and the solution. Ask "Did you think this sort of thing could happen" ? Some medical experts and even Bill Gates did.  Do you think that this is just part of the evolutionary process which has always gone on via 'survival of the fittest' ? Or do you think Gods to blame for all this ? Which bring us on to the number One (5) question.........

5. Why does God allow so much suffering ?! First of all I explain that 95% of all suffering in this world is due to what people do to people. Then I fully sympathize over the 5% which is a natural cause, like cancer and C19 (possibly), etc, which hits good 'innocent' people, which is a bit of a mystery. I also explain though that we're living in a messed up (fallen) world, which the Bible is clear about, and that it's temporary suffering which none of us are immune from - everyone throughout history has suffered. I explain that throughout the whole Bible, God promises plenty of tough and painful times in this life, that Jesus himself often promises hardship and mentions pestilences/viruses in Mat 24, plus many more sufferings, but eventually, He will totally put things right. Jesus promises to wipe away every tear from the eyes of those who trust him, and brings in Eternal Paradise/Heaven. As the majority of people in Britain believe in evolution, and that they're animals, and yet blame God for suffering, I ask them 'why is it that you care so much, seeing as how there have been diseases, death and decay for millions of years ?! Caring is inconsistent with the evolution theory. The fact that you do love and care is very good and right, and this fits in with the theory that God made us to love and care deeply for one another


6.  Share a clear Gospel It may not be the right time to share all of the Gospel at once and so just share a snippet, some of it. Starting with God as the creator of everything is paramount. That we're made in his image - so we make choices, can love and hate and think and be creative etc. Explain that the bible is full of very real people who either hated or trusted God. That prophets and Kings spoke about someone who would eventually come to the earth and sort out the biggest problem - sin. The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart. Deadly virus of the heart. Jesus lived a perfect life and died to take the punishment for everything that we've done wrong. He came back from the dead after 3 days as he promised he would and is alive today. The bible says that what we need to do is not get religious or tidy up our act and live an impressive life or walk around miserable with a guilty conscience, but just believe in Him (John 3:16). Explain that the Bible says again and again that it's through repenting ( turning to God ) to believe in His Name alone which is the only response he wants - Acts 20:21. 

Whoever calls upon the NAME of the LORD will be saved - Joel 2 , Acts 2, Romans 10. Acts 4:12 There's no other which..saved. In Acts 16:31 it says Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Explain that LORD means MASTER/BOSS. Jesus means - Gods Salvation. Christ means Messiah/Chosen One  Ask them if they're prepared for Jesus to be Master and Savior of their life.  Try to use their language and not slip into Christianese  ! 


7 Persevere  If you find that when you throw out little questions and reach out in different ways, that there's no real opening to share the gospel, just be patient and persevere, they will arrive eventually. Don't pressurize yourself as the Lord will eventually come through so long as you're doing all that is asked of you. Be natural with people and God will do the supernatural !


Materials  You could post or even leave a leaflet/tract in the shopping you get for them . It's easy to send them a website or utube link that helps explain why there is suffering like the C19 virus, etc, with compassionate Bible teaching and the Gospel.  Just contact me and I can send you various links and material. 


                                                                      *** Materials Info ***

 I'm finding most people I'm in 'contact' with now are quite receptive to talk about whether God would allow this virus and I give out tracts sometimes to these people. 

To supermarket check out staff I give little gospel business cards. and below is a tract that anyone can order from  -

This is the tract   

This is the writing in the tract   file:///C:/Users/user/Downloads/Hope_Beyond_Coronavirus_A4%20(1).pdf 


They're produced and written by Roger Carswel,

 an evangelist who has an effective and sound evangelistic ministry, of which I'm an associate  


Here's another one, produced by another ministry,

It as a better cover, and more supermarkety look to it.


Here's an excellent ministry run by Tony Pierce which helps piece together C19 and it's aftermath, with 'the days' we're living in