Other types of Outreach

                                                                                                                                                                       ><> ><>   <>< <>< <><

As the Apostle/Evangelist Paul says

 "I become all things to all people that I may win some ! "

If you speed through the 'PHOTOS'link, you'll get to see photos

 of most of these 'other type outreaches' described below.....

Calais Refugee Camp (jungle)

Every month or two, I went to Calais along with a car full of other volunteers

 led by Sue Pardo, who's been reaching refugees there for many years.

We've been reaching out to the refugees still living there

 in tents and makeshift shelters. 

We take shoes and clothes and toiletries

 along with hundreds of Bibles and booklets in their languages.

They're from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, 

Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, etc.  

Now the jungle has been flattened, 

we aim to go reach those who are 'lying low' in the surrounding towns. 

English to Nepalese

There are many thousands of Nepalese in Ashford and I

   teach about 5 men and women English 

for a couple of hours every other Friday. 

Teaching English for free is a great way

 of introducing Christianity to these friendly 

Hindu and Buddhist locals. 

They now have a Bible each in Nepalese and English 

and they're open to talk of beliefs and God. 

I answer their questions about the Bible,

 the Gospel, my Testimony, etc, during lessons, when they crop up.

May they learn to understand English ..... and Gods Truth ! 


** Creation/Evolution

University Debates ** 

My most recent debate  was at the University of Kent in Canterbury - UKC.

I debated with Professor Richard Norman who is Richard Dawkins friend.

 Along with R.D, he's a Vice President of the British Humanist Association - BHA.

My powerpoint presentation majored on 'accurate science' -  evidence for Intelligent Design

 and, miraculous prophetic Biblical irrefutable accuracy.

This proved to be the springboard for others to face up to

 and challenge, as questions were fired after our presentations.

 Many were faced with the accurate and trustworthy Gospel. 

Here's a clip of some of the debate that a student friend of mine put on youtube   


Before this, I debated with an Atheistic Jewish student,

 again at  U.K.C

in 'Darwin College', 

in the 'Missing Link' Hall !!!!  ..... perfect !!

Midway through the debate, 

I spelled out the Miracle of Creation

 and how the Miracle of being 'Born Again'  works.

  Prior to this, I also ran a debate at the Canterbury URC church

 'Darwin or Jesus -who's right?'.

 Vic and Pat on my team in Folkestone did an excellent job 

on presenting Creation a refuting Macro-evolution. 

 Previous to this, I chaired a Creation/Evolution Debate 

  at our home church hall....good atmosphere and gospel presented.

Many chat afterwards, way after the debates finish

about the 'Miracle of Creation' and how to become a 

'miraculous New Creation' 

through the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus. 

Far from causing division, 

these debates have been a bridge

 to new respect and friendships. 

Many DVDs, booklets and tracts are taken 

(written by PhD scientists) 

 with ongoing contact for discussion

 about God and the Gospel.

 Teaching / training  

I ran an 'Apologetics Course' 

every Sunday evening from January to June 2015

at my home church, with Christians from local churches attending.

What is the clear Biblical Gospel ? 

How to reach family, friends, work colleagues, daily contacts eith the Gospel ?

How to answer the usual tough questions ?

In November I taught 'Apologetics'at the OAC National Conference

I speak at a few churches in Kent which is a great opportunity to bring out

 the riches and relevance of the Gospel/Word to help equip the body.... 

                                             (Eph 4:11,12)..."Evangelist...prepare Gods people...."

  I do 'power-point Training Sessions' 

 on  "How to reach Friends/Family/Enemies with the Gospel" 

The ran one on the Isle of Sheppey

at the Sheerness Community Church . 

A really good loving church and leadership, heading in the right direction.

I've done sketchboard outreaches with them in their high street

  and many of them go out and witness really effectively.


** Prisons **

  I preach and tell sketchboard messages 

at a prison in Maidstone every 2 months

   to communicate the Word to the inmates.

       They're really at a 'make or break' time in their lives, 

some so thirsty for the Truth. 

         I go with Trish, who's now retired, but, 

who's been going in to this prison for many years,

    each and every week - reaching hundreds who've passed through, 

with Love, Grace and the Gospel.

The 'door' at Dover prison (Immigration Removal Centre)

 has been closed, after about 8 blessed years of preaching there. 

Every few months I preached Christ to a new intake

                                 of about 50 mainly African, Iranian, Chinese, etc, prisoners.                                                                                                                                     


Market Stall    

                                           Occasionally, at Ashford market, I sell bits and pieces 

                                                alongside offering a whole range of tracts and Bibles.

                                          I've got to know a number of the regular stall holder there now

                                                             who have some good questions about God. 

                                A hardened stall holder finally took a tract after a being very anti at first.

                                              Many foreign lorry drivers pass through en route to France 

                                                                 plus local 'Ashfordites' who are out for a bargain .....

                                                      not bargaining on meeting a Bible believer there!



             Also......... I do occasional outreaches or teaching sessions

                                                          in Churches or Youth clubs

 and it's great to see, especially young people,

  catch the Biblical vision of Evangelism.


                                        *OAC USA visited Kent*

Summer 2011, we had a team of Americans

 join us for a weeks outreach  (see photos)

 Led by Paul & Carmenia from OAC Washington, 

the 'tremendous-talented-teenage-team' of 6, 

sketchboarded / mimed / acted / puppeted / testimonied / sung, etc.

   Street outreaches in Ashford, Canterbury, Folkestone and Ramsgate, plus, 

Youth Club and Park outreaches, Sunday testimonies and preaching, 

made for a busy week.

What a blessing !......As well as sewing many seeds

 and one man we know of getting saved, 

they were a real encouragement to the youngens in my church to be

 "strong and courageous in the Lord"  in reaching out with the Gospel.

....Outside the U.K ....><>

Over the years, I occasionally get to leave these shores !

* Israel *

2 friends joined me in 2022 on an evangelism tour of the land for 9 days - staying in Youth Hostels and also at an Evangelist friends apartment in Jerusalem

It was a real joy to do some street evangelism and

 giving out tracts and Bibles and chatting to the local market stall owners, 

local people and tourists.


Most recent trip in 2022

 was to Thesselonica where a friend and I did outreach

 mainly outside the university.. plus en route and in town. 

I also organised in 2020 for a group of 7 of us to go to Athens for 8 days

and team up with an excellent local evangelist there.

We preached in the streets and markets and near the Acropolis

 plus everywhere we traveled to cab drivers and cafe workers,etc.

 We also got to share at a Christian 

run meal outreach center to lots of refugees and homeless.

Was a great time !  

* Holland *

When ex-OAC Rob Vollebrecht  was in Holland,

 I went over a couple of times 

to join his team on the streets of Rotterdam.

The central square their is a great open place

 to preach where large crowds gather. 

Travelling by car with Neil Adam (OAC Kent Committee)

 and Chris Box (OAM evangelist)

 and Bill Turner (Global Outreach evangelist)

 ...... was a real pleasure. 

* N. Ireland *

 Evangelist Rob Vollebrecht is in now in N.I and runs a ministry called


I went over in Sept 2017 and did outreach with him

 and friend Lesley and other friends  at the Lammas Fayre and in Belfast city centre.

We had a great time reaching out to all sorts with the gospel via the sketchboard 

* USA *

In June 2012, whilst staying in Washington, 

Jordan and I caught up with OAC Paul and Carminia

 and most from the young evangelism visiting team to Ashford. 

We had some great fun and fellowship again ! 

We got to sketchboard in downtown Baltimore to some real needy people

 and I led a homegroup study on 'Prophecies in the Gospel '.

* Turkey *

A few years ago, I had the privilege

 of preaching Christ in Turkey for a week 

with O.M Turkey Director David Byle.

He fearlessly sketchboards around the streets of Istanbul 

with a brave team reaching many open Muslims,

 some of whom now Believe. 

     **South Africa**

               April 16th to 26th 2011 was when I took 6 teenagers

 (including my sons Jordan and Daniel)

                                   with the help of an ex-Canterbury Uni student, Leon, to 'Jeffreys Bay',

                        in S.West  S.Africa - to visit our friends...

                                                        ex-Pastor Dave and Pam Webster (see photos)                                                     

                The Lord provided the specific funds for this venture

 through a few very generous Christians !

 Dave organised a great schedule...

                 various outreaches, church events, surfing,

 visiting the 'Joshua project' street kids,

                surfing, climbing a mountainside, 

outreach at the 'Farm School',.... plus some more surfing !