Latest Photos ...

At Speakers Corner in February, my friend Banda in the red 

reasons with visitor as he's done for about 25 years.

We often take it in turns preaching on his ladder

 surrounded by his poster info - united in the Gospel

Maidstone in February

Painting heading on Valentines Day here is 'Is Love Real' ? 

- team members in quality convos

Sutton - South London (January)

Kevin and Florence chatting with an interested woman 

Deal in January 

- many youngens have questions about the Bible

Speakers Corner in January

Muslim families ask questions and hear the Gospel

- mobile videoing multiplies it's effectiveness

Recently saved Canterbury student William

and now one of my street team outreach members

 - getting baptised in December

A regular faithful Christian friend 

witnessing to a Muslim woman

 at Speakers Corner in the rain

A few who turn up for my churches 'Warm Space' 

drop in for homeless

 or lonely or struggling to pay heating bills 

Canterbury in November

A few local regular agnostics 

with a passing Christian Indian man 

who is part of a witness team walking across countries

3 Christians friends who sometimes join

 in outreach at Speakers Corner

Chatham November 2022

My new outreach business cards I've designed - front and back

Romford in London - October

   OAC and K180 did a joint mission to 32 areas in London

Sutton south London 

October 31st - Helloween

Canterbury - October

Germany Berlin - September 2022

Preaching in the high street - 

Canterbury Uni student and I 

with translation from local Bernhard

Greece Thessalonica - September 2022

Out in the center of town and at the University

 Canterbury - August 

Discussion with a Muslim and her agnostic friend  

- then later joined by 2 young agnostic guys (below)

This painboard produces 

a Led Zeplin 'stairway to Heaven'

Music quiz leads to lots of God and Gospel convos

Sutton - south London - late July

 Kevin grabbing a sarny during outreach 

and Ron giving out tracts.

Ron gives 'Death' a tract about 'Life'

- he's aStatic Street performer

Speakers Corner - Late July

Young Christian Ben speaks on the ladder

 for the first time using my plastic crown as a prop

July 3rd - Speakers Corner

Some of those joining me -

 a dear sister called Grace, who is totally blind 

- witnessing well to 2 Muslim ladies

My German couple friends, Paul and Lisa,

 all the way from Bradford

 - witnessing to a Catholic man

And a lovely 93 year old man called Billy Graham (tis true !)

witnessing boldly to Muslims


                   Israel Evangelism Tour May 18th -27th            

                     Just a few photos of us reaching out with the 'good news'

                             in Jerusalem, Tiberias, Nazareth, Dead Sea.


My flag proved to be a great focal point to telling others

 about Yeshua and His return to Jerusalem outside the old city Jaffa gate.

 Here Mike and I chat with an Ultra Orthodox Jew 

about prophecies of the Messiah.

This Canadian Ultra Orthodox guy near the Wailing Wall

was happy to take a gospel leaflet

Witnessing to this Jewish man

 as we waited to go through the check point 

onto the Temple Mount -

 we discussed the future temple to be built there and Yeshua

These 'Palestinian Arab' guys in the old city Jerusalem

actually bought us bread etc and walked 

with us as we told them of the Bible truth.

Jerusalem Youth Hostel roof top

 where we slept under a 1000 stars

Jerusalem house meeting on the Shabbat

in the ministry apartment where we stayed for 3 nights

Nazareth Arab cafe. 

 These three 18 year old guys (and their Dad cafe owner)

and little brother, enjoyed the card/rope tricks 

and then understood the 'Good news' 

Tiberias Youth Hostel 

at the Sea of Galilee.

We shared prophecies of the Messiah etc

 with the Jewish workers there plus the tourists staying. 

Dead Sea - Ein Gedi nature reserve.

At the bus stop, Orthodox Yeshiva students 

chatted about the Messiah they believed in 

and the Messiah we believe in

                                              Speakers Corner April 24th

                           The younger Jewish lad and friend very open to chat Messiah

                                                 but the older one very anti Jesus/Yeshua

                                         2 very recently saved young lads

                                        joining in with reaching  muslims

Canterbury late April

Chats continue around the paintboard

April 2022 

Here in Sutton, Kevin reaches out to a local

  "Behold I bring you Good News of Great JOY 

which shall be for ALL people"  Luke 2:10

3rd March 2022

Englishman, Russian lady, Iraqi and a Chinese man 

chat with me about Russia Israel, End times and Jesus

I stopped these policeman as they walked by 

to ask them what they thought

 about the Russian situation and God

  "Behold I bring you Good News of Great JOY 

which shall be for ALL people"  Luke 2:10

Maidstone  8th Feb 2022

Even Buddhist monks are reached

Dover - late Feb    22.02.2022 !!!! 

I got halfway through this message

when lots of chats started about

whether God is now here, so I stopped

                          Elvis also turned up in Dover !

                          This professional Elvis impersonator 

                      chatted with us about music, God, bible and gospel 

Polish team member Zofia

 explained the good news

Chatham team chatting

Deal team chatting

Speakers Corner 27th Feb

Christian friends share the gospel 

with the very interested Sauid young guy in the middle

Bromley 5th Feb 2022

                                       2nd Jan 2022 

1. Here Jack preaches on my ladder for the first time.


                     My friend Paul (cap) reaches men open to the gospel.

I was videod debating into the evening

 with the Muslim in the sheepskin

 and many listening took in the Gospel 

Late October - OAC London Mission to 50 towns in 2 days. 

Here we are in Ilford and below in Enfield

October - Creation v Evolution outreach in Gravesend

where I did a presentation and then took questions from the crowd

Bromley - September 

My True or False poster at a Darwin monument

Maidstone - September

Deal in August 2021

3 men and 1 woman new believers baptised ...

here's one  (plus the man on right was also baptised)

Sutton August 2021


                                          2021 Folkestone

                         Right outside a vaccination center, I flew the world flag 

                         The man on the right came to chat with me and Vic (left) for ages

Maidstone  2021

Charly D's massive statue in the Natural History Museum

"from the goo to you via the zoo"

that aint true !!!!

Deal -  2021

Canterbury - 4 hours into the outreach

3 of the team members all chatting 

with interested non- Christians 

Wimbledon late 2020

November 'lockdown'- Sutton in south London 

Here 2 passing police officers stopped

 to answer all the 9 questions

 on the True/False board !!!!

Croydon - Late 2020

And here my sister Deborah

 tells her testimony to the policeman  : )

Firing things up in Maidstone

 in November - during 'lock-down'

Greece - 28th Nov 2019

Athens church  

- teaching gospel apologetics with translation from Emanuel who

we evangelized with throughout Greece

Outside the University in Larisa - 

students getting answers to their heartfelt questions

                                                              Thesselonica Uni

                               Marios of OAC London explaining the 'chemical cross'

Thesselonica Uni

Here I explained the Truth to tirsty students

Out in the cafes and bars if Larissa at night

Ashford bootsale outreach in chilly Jan 2020

  - you can't see me - I'm wearing cammo !

Canterbury in Jan.

Miles here in the cap regularly joins me in reasoning with locals

This friendly Historian regularly joins us now -

asking qus and giving his view 

- here he's talking to Joseph in the blue, who joins me for many outreaches.

The Jewish agnostic student on the right is now a good regular friend

Teaching English to local Ashford Nepalese for free -

 They sometimes bring food and we talk about Gods ways often.

                             Sutton - S.London Jan 2020

Speakers Corner - Feb 2020

These 2 brothers here joined me in reaching this very open Muslim

Speakers Corner - making a point and getting recorded

In Deal - Jan 2020

Here Terry 'just happens' to be chatting to a passer by

who is from Leeds, just as he is ! 

Terry's been through so much lately and would value your prayers

Here after sketchboard chats 

with my regular helper Kevin on the left, 

my sister Katie, and Pastor Ryan with the bag

Here Graham patiently hears the guy in the hat

 who had beliefs in E.T etc

 Chinese young couple at the front just out of photo, 

had never heard the name 'Jesus' !

Canterbury - Halloween

'To hell with Helloween'

I let this brave 13 year old girl do this short message 

along with the gospel - she wanted to 'prove' that Jesus is her Lord

Maidstone- 22nd October 2019
These great and searching kids listened in the crowd 
to an hour long sketchboard message
 - and stuck around after for more

Crawley near Gatwick - Sept 2019

My friend Leslie and I reaching out to whosoever

                                   All the way from N.Ireland !

Lesley from Belfast in convo ....

Ramsgate - September

Here I've just left the painting done from Chatham (below pic)

and we as a team had many chats 

of how it's a Big Mistake to not believe in Creator God etc.

Tall Les here has a chat with these two guys 

who were really open to talk about the gospel

Chatham - September

This Lithuanian man was impacted greatly by this Gospel message 

and also three 15 year old lads believed Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour !

N.Ireland - August 2019

Lammas Fair/Festival

Along with Evangelists Rob (in the hat) and Leslie (taking photo), 

we reached some of the 200,000 that passed through in 3 days.

Rob reaching many

Speakers Corner - London Summer 2019

Belfast City Center

N.I - Portrush ....Night Life

 Robed in a world flag   John 3:16

This robed Iman, perched his chair in front of mine while I was preaching, 

bringing with him an entourage of cameras to video our ensuing debate

Speakers Corner - March

This Jewish man reads the prophecies

 in Daniel that I show him of the Messiah

This muslim young guy (below) from Morocco is seriously seeking the Lord.

I'm going through the irrefutable prophecies of the bible 

I'm demonstrating how Jesus called the religious self righteous

 "hypocras" which was the Greek word used for 'actor'

2019 - Teaching English to Nepalese

Most are Hindu, some are Buddhist - many interested in the Bible


Sutton - South London 

this man walks around town most days smoking a ciggy dressed as the Pope !

In the background, Kevin's just finished his sketchboard

 and chats to an interested man, while Graham chats to a questioning girl

2019 - Dover 

 I finish off my message answering a mans question.

Late August 2018 in N.Ireland 

The Ballycastle 'Lamas Fayre'

and then Belfast City Centre

Rob in the hat chats with 2 men about the Bible and Gospel

Leslie, in the glasses, shows a man Gospel Bible verses 

In Belfast city center

we preached to good sized crowds and many very interested for after chats. 

One 17 yr old lad told me he understood and wanted Jesus as Lord and Saviour of his life 

Here below, evangelist Rob Vollebrecht

 preaches to a captivated group of locals 

           South London -Sutton (my home town) Sept. 2018

Here I confirm to this lad that Salvation is indeed a Gift

 received by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ - Acts 16:31

Here is Kevin (ex mechanic) preaching for only the 2nd time

 explaining how we are engineered by a designer

After sketchboard chats with my sister chatting to a Hindu

 and USA Pastor chatting to an Atheist

 Folkestone September 2018

Here Joe and Scott chat with a recent convert to Islam - 

she later joined us in Burger King as she had many questions about the Bible.

Mark is chatting to 2 guys who were incredibly interested in the Truth and Bible and Gospel - 

they stuck around for hours asking us questions and giving their view on things.

Mobile case full of Tracts and N.Ts 

which I take to many street outreaches -

sitting perched on a chair 

Speakers Corner September 2018

A few Orthodox Jews go

In Brighton

.....something startling

Ashford Market/Boot sale

Offering stuff for sale and free tracts and bibles


Here one of the team, Michael, 

 tries his hand at sketchboarding


with help from a bearded brother translator, 

we reached thousands of local Muslims, etc.

Broadstairs Folk festival  August 2018

The Lord shone His Light 

as we could reach many with the gospel

This very young brave Muslim lad

 had many searching questions for me

Please pray for my brave ex Muslim friend

 seen here in the cap debating with a Muslim 

Young Orthodox Jews

 consider the Prophecies of the Messiah

Speakers Corner December 2017
Snow falling - 
Muslim men...Let us reason together says the Lord...
though your sins be as scarlet, they ( can) be as white as snow
Isa 1:18

Ashford Music Festival  July 2018

Challenges and quizzes.

Showing various illusions and their secrets revealed 

then showing the secret of real Life Eternal

Canterbury 20th December 2017
The guy selling Bethlehem figurines for a few weeks before Christmas
 from the stall next to the sketchboard,
lives in Jerusalem and is an Arabic catholic.
We got to know him well while he was over and he took an Arabic Bible with tracts.
Here he is chatting with an agnostic student friend of mine (in the top hat) about God.

Double gazebo gave us plenty of room

 to do challenges

Canterbury July 2018

Snow stopped -
View from up the ladder after I'd preached later in the day
The guy with the shoulder scarf is a Muslim from Egypt
 and was shocked and went silent when I told him
 of the prophecies Jesus fulfilled as Messiah / Son of God
Tall Muslim guy in the green jacket was very friendly and open to consider the Bible claims
See both guys in next pictures.......

If you can figure out how I used 
every one of these items on the sketchboard
- you win a genuine fake trillion dollars !

On the same day, this brave Eritrean lady 
who sometimes joins me there in outreach,
reasons with the 2 Muslim men on the right. 

Ramsgate - November 2017
The man on the left was sitting outside the pub having a drink and I got chatting to him - he ended up staying watching sketchboards for ages and was majorly thankful for spelling out the Gospel to him.
The young guy on the right is an ex-heroin addict and had lots of questions about the Bible, 
which he took away with him. These were genuine friendly guys who so appreciated us being there for them.

N.Ireland at the Lamas Fayre 2017

6th till 12th October 2017

Speakers Corner - November 2017
Here Joseph, just a few years a believer, 
explains to this man what the Bible says about getting right with God.
Joseph goes to many of my outreaches.
Car boot sale/Market
Saturday 7.30am October 2017
The suitcase on the table contains Bibles and tracts in various languages.
Selling bits and pieces' along with this caseload, people of all nationalities wander by and 'chat God' and take tracts

The 'A Team' - Athens Team 
At the Acropolis - Parthenon in the background is getting a face-lift

Seekers/Speakers Corner London 
Summer 2017 

At Corinth, this restaurant owner really opened up about the Gospel
 and about his own life - to Marios on the right and Gareth on the left
Remember  'ZZ Top' ?
This friend here called 'Flash' is a good Christian brother and regular at S.C.
Muslim preacher in the background

Here just next to the exit/entrance of the metro,
 I test the Greek knowledge of science and the Omni-science One
Gareth looks like he's playing for Spurs 
but actually he's preaching on the walkway near the Acropolis
 with a world flag hung on a tree, about God who so loved the world.....
Local Athenian evangelist, Emanuel,
 tells these local lads about the Saviour, 
while Marios,on the left, 
witnesses to an interested Tunisian Muslim man
Dave Mwaniki preaches by the Athens metro 
using luminous paints and lights
to a transfixed crowd

Here you can see the Muslim outreach table
with Korans and booklets and a man chatting to them. 
It's set up right next to my sketchboard
and makes for quite an atmosphere when they're there !
The man on the left had just been listening to me preach about Creation and the Gospel
 to a group of his students he had brought over from Holland.
 Turns out he's a Biology teacher and agreed with me wholeheartedly
 that only adaptations within species occurs and that
 'hydrogen to human Macro-Evolution' is a pseudo-scientific load of nonsense.
 Joseph on the right was glad to meet a fellow Christian who knows his science

    The Nepalese who I teach English to on a Friday morning
 are here presenting me with some birthday gifts.
      Most are Hindus and Bhudists and one of the men
 is now seriously and avidly reading the Nepalese Bible I gave him 
Here's Lee, who's homeless, sleeps in a tent, a regular in Canterbury who sometimes joins us in Burger King. Very open to the things of GOd.
Folkestone in December 
 Matthew preaching the Gospel in the chilly weather
 as the crowds thin, just before the kids come out of school
'Speakers Corner' London  Dec 2016
October 2016
  People from all over the world gather to listen at this historic site.

The girl 2nd on the left heckled me, saying....
 "There is no God and the Bible is inaccurate
 as the Big Bang and Evolution have proved our origins"
I chatted to her and her mother after preaching and she was very thankful,
 taking  leaflets that prove I.D and Creation and the Gospel 

European, African, and Middle Eastern young people looking for answers

On the streets
In Folkestone in late October,
 Olly turns up on his bike here explaining to Vic and Mark
 how he became a Christian after our last outreach in town.
Meanwhile, Matthew is answering questions from a guy at the sketchboard.

      Broadstairs Festival Aug 2016

Joseph with an Eastern European guy 

who came to the week long festival.

 We told him the Gospel which he'd never heard before

Preaching into the night

        Ashford Market/Boot Sale  Sept 2016

I sell bits and pieces plus have a table of Bibles and tracts.

2 ladies in the picture are from Sierra Leon

 and they were happy with their free Bibles,

 plus some cheap clothes to send back to their relatives

Eritrean Refugees Dec 2016
...listening to the Bible app stories and reading tracts
                       Refugee Camp in the Calais 'Jungle' Oct 2016

Here the ladies on the team, leader Sue and Eve from the Philippines,

 are witnessing to the Muslim men, 

playing a Gospel message from an 'app' in their native language

                   Brighton Festival (Music and Arts) 

                       21st & 22nd May 2016

   Guess which card is next ? 

Guess how much sea covers the world ?

Derek Heyman - OAC Evangelist

 telling some locals what 'the Biggest Issue' is 

         Isle of Shepey  Feb 2016

The youngest evangelist in town !

A boy from Sheerness Community Church has some fun with the board 

even though there were about 10 wild agnostic kids around

                Calais Refugee Camp 'Jungle' 

                                         (France) May 14th and previous

 This Sudanese man had just decided

 to fully Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ

 This Afghani man showed us what the Taliban had done to him

 and trying on a pair of trainers we had for him

These Muslim men were pleased to receive Bibles in their language and pray with us.

Some on our team giving supplies and Bibles and the Gospel to Eritreans.

We spoke with many (especially Eritreans and Sudanese)

 who were keen to take Bibles and open to hear the Gospel explained. 

                                                                                    'Speakers Corner'

               London   Dec 2015

Here my friend from Romania is preaching on the ladder for the first time. 

The multi-nationals listening hear the Gospel for the first time too

 ......on holiday in London from a Romanian !

Believe and be Baptised !
    Folkestone   Nov 2015

About to Baptise 24 year old Joseph

 who we met at the Canterbury outreach

and now finally Believes in the Lord Jesus Christ 

Wetsuits were vital !

 here in Folkestone, this posh lady was verbally attacking Matthew

 for openly telling people about Gods 

John 3:16 love instead of 'feeding the poor'.

Matthew's learning to use the sketchboard, and,

 little does she know, he reaches out to the poor regularly.

I had some choice words for this liberal self righteous woman.    

Even in the small town of Deal in December

people gather to hear  about the Creator and Saviour 

November in Canterbury.
These 2 student guys were Greek and I showed them on my Bible App on my phone 
Pistuo epi ho Kurios Easoos Christos (believe in the Lord Jesus Christ)
 etc explaining the gospel to them with the Christian girl on the left 
who just happened to be passing at the time 


'Speakers Corner'
         London  Sept 2015

People gathered to hear the Gospel for hours

 and some are clearly impacted....

taking Bibles and tracts.

 I met this Christian young man from Africa there on the day

 and invited him to preach on my ladder,

he did, with courage and a genuine heart

Broadstairs Folk Festival 

With fluorescent paints and neon lights,

 we reached many 'Festivalites' with the Gospel -  7pm till 12pm 

This young Slovakian learned the True reality of the Cross

- which he wears round his neck 

 Ashford Create Music festival

The White board says 'Magic or Miracle'

The rain fell from 11am till 8pm

 but many kids loved the magic tricks and challenges

 and took tracts and Bibles asking great questions 

Later the the older ones move in and try the challenges

 Then finally Adam Ant (highwayman) 

starts singing and it's time for me to pack a way

 Canterbury 'Territory' 

One week our usual preaching place

 under the tree was taken by Muslims

 Scott in the sandals analyses the Korans and Islamic tracts

 and just as the Bible says to, he 'disputes' for the Truth 

  Peter (in wheelchair) and Kathryn, reason with the

 'Muslim lady evangelist' and tell her the Gospel

 Hyde Park...Speakers Corner 

'Behold I bring you Good News of Great Joy,

 which shall be to All people'   Luke 2:10




The man on the floor was heckling me, saying there's no God Creator but Evolution ,

 I warned him of not facing the Truth and that his days are relatively few till Judgement Day.

 He suddenly fell back and collapsed unconscious. Here he recovers a little until the ambulance arrived.


Apologetics teaching (week 12 )..... 

James, my guest speaker,

 doing a slot on 'End Times

 and present day realities' 

 James Holman on my ladder, preaching to an Israeli family plus others from around the globe.


Jordans turn and he preached for over an hour reaching tourists and locals from many nations. 

Jordan chatting in Canterbury..this time 



Peter in front of the board with his wife Kathryn, turns to ask the sitting interested students a question.

Steve of OAC London visits us sometimes and is in the blue chatting to a student.




Some of the crew at a 'motorbike club', 

where I was asked to give a Gospel interactive talk.


Vic in Folkestone  

preaching from ladder with sketchboard message in front.

 His wife Pat (in blue) chats to a local agnostic.


 Chris Box,  evangelist with OAM , preaching 



Next to a Ramsgate pub, where Ian and Doreen

 had just done their magnetboard Gospel message 


After the street outreach in Folkestone,

 young team member Scott chatting here with 2 young agnostic guys who joined us 

 Isle of Sheppey - Saturday 18th July

These lads listened to my whole message

 and asked me some great questions about God for 15 mins after.

Community church member Sharon looks on

Hot day !  so English lesson to Nepalese outside 

Inside English Lessons to Nepalese 

Each Friday morning, I teach English for free to local Hindu and Buddhist Nepalese.
We often end up talking of God and Israel
 and Gospel related things, during the 2 hours. 
I give each student a Nepalese Bible.


       Here's Matthew (see teams) doing his very first sketchboard in Folkestone.

 He gradually built up a crowd and dealt very well with the hecklers

 Near the end of a message, a college student sprayed my head and shoulders with pink party spray. 

After the many interested in the crowd had chatted and left, 

I let a few remaining school girls try their art out and put the party spray over the board 

In Margate this November, we had very open talks with a Big Issue seller who didn't want to be in the picture.

 His dog 'Kaan' wasn't bothered though. Interestingly, his owner had been put off Christianity

 by someone years ago who tried to convince him the Big Bang and Evolution could fit with the Bible. 

He realises the 2 are incompatible, contradictory and diametrically opposed

Again in November, this time in Dover,

 Ian is doing his magnet board message about a dog

 who saves his owners life, as intro to the Gospel.

 This giant dog wasn't interested but his owner was. 

Robert doing his first ever sketchboard message

'Speakers Corner' in Hyde Park London 
  24th August 2014


 Here's Paul Adam (and family) of OAC USA who joined me (and family/team)

 in London to preach to all All Nations 

that gather at Londons' famous preaching ground.

In the foreground are a couple of encouraged Christians from Italy on holiday,

 who'd just heard me preach. 

                      'Create Festival'
                             in Ashford


Bands played, locals swayed 

We had a stall of challenges 
and here Jordan on the left challenges the music lovers
 to discover the God of Love who Created music.
Great interest, Bibles and tracts given out to many.  


Jordan and I did a  'Create Fest -Create Test'  stall
all day for kids and adults.


  On the left is the chair where some sat for 5 mins to receive a prize...I drew a sketch of them


Speakers Corner 

17th August 2014  

The Apostle Paul "Disputed" and "reasoned" is Jordan with various Muslims.
 Jenny of OAC preached and the 2 young lads in front of her from Saudi 
heard the Gospel for the first time.


"Let's think about what is True...Jesus claims to be the Truth"


Reaching Generation X in late August 2014


The Lords Arm can save any..... 

Paul Adam and family from OAC USA joined us in reaching Canterburyites. 

Here's Paul preaching at the sketchboard. 

 Proverbs 28:1 The wicked flee when no man persues,

 but the righteous are bold like a lion

Isaiah 53:6

Broadstairs Folk festival 
August 12th & 13th 2014


We reached those arriving early at 7pm above until 12pm at night below 

(with luminous lights and fluorescent paints)

Amazing openness and good questions and heartfelt interest

 in Creation, God, the Bible, Jesus and the Gospel....

through both nights.... to mostly late teens and early 20s

Ashford High Street

  June 10th  2014 

 I'm actually holding a rope and demonstrating via a rope trick and sketchboard

 that there's more news than TV News....there's Gospel Truth News.

These ex-Gurka soldiers have front row seats 

 Scott preaching next to the case of tracts and the 'magnetboard'.

He's a chef from Folkestone but joins us on his Tuesday off (see 'Street teams' )

June 1st 2014 

at Speakers Corner in London 

People gather from all over the world

           so I used flags from around the World......."For God so Loved the World"

I'm not actually strangling the guy in the white t-shirt 

 but piecing the prophecies fulfilled by Jesus into place


Here's Gareth telling how reliable the Bible and Jesus are.
On the left are Dave Mwaniki of OAC, Dan and Jess 
and to the right, James is explaining the Gospel to an interested man.


Can you spot who the really searching souls are
 and who are the professional hecklers ?
The guy in the kilt and sitting down was a heckler 
and the guy behind him in the cap - very open to the gospel 


There's only One Way ! 

Brighton Mission Week 

Evangelist Andrew from Worcester
 uses his John 3:16 board and and friendly banter to connect with many locals
 and present the Gospel 


Ex-LCM and now OAC Evangelist Gareth tells how the Truth can set you Free !


Isle of Sheppey

here is a local church man trying sketchboarding

 for the first time and doing a great job

Broadstairs Folk Festival

After some 'lively' interaction,

  as soon as I'd finished the Creation/Gospel message, 

the young woman in the red skirt said very sincerely 

"Where do I sign up for this" ?!



 Creation v Evolution Debate 

   John 1  ..The Word was God....all things were made by Him.....

 the Word became flesh.. 

See the  'logic' of this cartoon ?!


The Lecture theatre begins to fill.

 Prof Richard Norman (bearded man standing with his BHA colleague)

 is greeting a row of students from the Atheist Society.

( click on other outreaches for a small write up ) 


Chris Box, Evangelist with OAM, ran the book table brilliantly, 

All sorts of literature on the Creation/ Evolution issue, 

many written by Professors, experts in their field.

 ( plus regular tracts and New Testaments )


Here are a few of the authors, 

Professors who very intelligently give evidence for a Designer.

 This poster of them, compiled by 'New Atheists'  is attacking them.....

see the 'insulting' caption  .

  David Byle, who used to be leader of O.M Turkey...
great sketchboard preacher in Istanbul.

Jordan and Daniel either side.

We took David to Canterbury and took various tracts with us to give out 


     A Canterbury sketchboard completed
 and here I'm chatting by the tract box
 to 5 students very interested in the Gospel.
Pastor Charles Fire joins in the Q n A session
Daniel and Jordan are on the right : )
Jenny and Rachel on the left : )


'Speakers Corner'  2013



                                                                                  In between messages, Jordan Jess and Dan joined me

                                                                             in answering questions with the 'Genuine Seekers'.

   These guys really wanted to know about the evidence

          for our Intelligent Designer and the Messiah Prophecies of Jesus.

Not Armish.... but similar

I was invited to speak to various classes
 at the Bruderhof Community school near Canterbury. 
I explained my work and the Gospel and they asked many related questions.
 Jordan ( by white doors) also took part.


                                             Smaller class with teacher taking snapshots 

Outreach and Sketchboard Training

at the Isle of Sheppey Community Church 

Pastor Paul and others try some painting


                      Practicing messages, then......


...... preaching for real out in town !
On every bench the Gospel was shared.
 2 church members here share the Good news with 2 young girls 
who came to their church the following Sunday.

Another church member waves her hand as to say
.... 'come and join in the sharing'


                  James on the left has started doing magnetboard messages
                       and here he is chatting to a Christian man
                           in the British Army (in his African native clothing)


 Market Stall in Ashford 
with a case full of Bibles and Tracts, plus 'bits and bobs' for sale.
           Jess and Dan are frozen but friendly, sharing the Good News. 


 Nepal in Ashford

The Nepalese that I teach English, invited their friends and family
 to a 'Christmas bring and share meal'.
I explained the Christmas/Gospel message on the sketchboard
 to the mostly Hindu students 
and some of the Believers sang some Nepalese Christian songs. 


Then filling in the gaps with the Messiahs arrival 


 The board says 'THINK' in the shape of a CROSS, 

with T standing for Truth, etc. -  Jordans own idea. 

Shortly after this, he had a 'jaffa' orange thrown at him - a sign of  'fruit'  from Israel perhaps !?



                                                                           Here Jordan explains the Gospel to school kids and students.


 Dan doing his first ever message in the marketplace
 and about a dozen gathered round to listen


 J Answering "Why the Suffering, Why the Dinosaurs, 
Why the other religions.....and Why Jesus Died for us" 


most people in this photo were spoken to
 after the message by the team :- )


 In Ashford , Ian here is using his magnetboard over the paintboard, 

to tell his 'Life is a Puzzle' message.

Jordan, in the red, preached and got the biggest crowd of the day. 

Very brave of him in his home town.

July 2012 

  'Broadstairs Folk Festival' Week

 The lights dim but interest grows in 'The Light of the World'

  The drink flows, the party atmosphere grows....time to tell the Real Good News ! 


Olympic August 2012

Sunshiny Ashford Park 

 Olympic outreach with my church, 

with fun and games and gospel painting quiz

University debate in Canterbury 

at the 'Darwin College'

 in the 'Missing Link' hall !

June 2012 

 *****   "By Faith we Understand that the cosmos

            was framed by the WORD of GOD   *****

so that things which are seen

     were not made out of things which are visible"     Heb 11:3

"Let's Reason together"
 I listen, along with Jewish Atheist-Simon (who I debated) 
  to a question from 'the floor'
 In ACTS, Paul - "Reasoned...Disputed...


Debate over.....but not fully !
Lots of students stayed after for ages 
to ask Christian students,  
how they came to believe in the Creator/Saviour.
Jordan had a long chat
 with a searching agnostic Astrophysics student guy


" Therefore the LORD Himself

   will give you a SIGN " Isaiah 7.14

 Hebron Hall in Wales

8 day International Mission July 2012 

From all around the Globe......
OAC, OM, local Christians, etc,
 getting ready to pose for the official pics 


 First came the training and practice.......

..........then the Real thing out in the centre of Cardiff

~~~Grill-A-Christian ~~~
Ash Village - near Canterbury


Great weather meant I could get grilled out in front of the church 
 so that passers by could also see.
They have the list of '100 most asked questions' 
and some questions weren't even on the list.


 Hot USA in early June 2012 

In downtown Baltimore,

 many needy people are open to the Gospel Good News 

                                              Jordan sharing the Gospel with a local man in Baltimore,  

                                                                                just after a sketchboard

                                                                                                    Some History of Kent....

                               just a few hundred years ago !

                    Thomas Cranmer the famous Archbishop of Canterbury in Kent  

                                                      who was burnt at the stake by 'bloody Mary' Catholic Queen of England 1509     

           for believing the Gospel. 

       In Ashford, there's a memorial stone (down by Kwik Fit) with the names of the 2 men in Ashford 

who were burnt at the stake for being Born Again, Bible Believing, Blood bought Believers !


                                                                                      You'd need to keep your fingers crossed that this speaker won't teach herecy !

                                                                    You may be able to read the heading, which says..... "Which Cross do you rely on" ? !

                               Just when I needed a 'Sign' to show how historically real the Gospel is.... 

                 ......this Roman soldier turned up in Canterbury,

        much to Jess and Dan (centre) and Peters (in the wheelchair..see street teams) surprise. 

                                                                           The guy with the McDonalds drink actually nicked his helmet later 

                                                                                                        but I think he got it back without using his sword. 

 Spot the celeb ! David Miliband MP and his entourage show up,

 right where we do the sketchboard in

I had a 'chat' with him ! 

 He's a Jewish Atheist who's "all for freedom of speech" ! ? 

Down in Dover......Terry 

 prepares a 'state of the Art' Gospel message that grabs peoples attention

 away from the big hipnotic state of the art T.V screen in the background.

       When we say "look at the state of my Art" !....the crowds know what we mean !    :-D

Students galore stay after a message to read tracts and chat 

about whether God made us in his image ( separate from animals )

and hear how Jesus fulfilled over 60 separate Prophecies written many hundreds of years before He was born. 

John from Romania (see team) has the 'head backpack' ......a student turns out to be v interested in the Gospel. 

Winter 2011.......K explains to the frozen shoppers how that if you admit you're lost, 

you can be Found by the Creator/Good Shepherd of All Life

 and receive His GIFT of Forgiveness/Spirit/Eternal Life through Faith alone in the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

The student on the right returned to say he'd done just that

 after hearing a sketchboard message many months before !

Here at the Debate.,     

                I've just asked an Agnostic-Evolutionist student

 to explain how the 'bacteria-to-brain-surgeon' theory works.

             We all continued long after the debate,

 seriously considering the Lord Jesus' claims and Fulfilled Prophecies. 

After recent natural disasters and riots on the news, 

Linda explains what the Bible has to say about it all 

David from S.Africa on his bike and Margaret from Ashford (see 'street teams' ) 

tell this student about the Creator who knows all and sees All.

 Meanwhile, the police keep an eye on us, as does the 'disguised as a lamp' security camera on the wall

      Creation/Evolution Debate 2011( see other outreaches)

" I'm not your cousin ! 

 I'm a wild animal"   !!!!!!


                                                        Speaking the Truth in Love and Knowing that the TRUTH will set you Free,

 we answer the questions about Dinosaurs, DNA, Dawkins, Darwin, DeFossils and Devolution......

then explain how we're "Fearfully and Wonderfully made" - "in Gods image".... the WORD who became Flesh - and died on the cross for us out of LOVE

 OAC A.G.M October  2011... 

(btw, lol , He has Svd.O.S !) 


       'OAC USA team visit Kent' 

 Summer 2011

 USA Amanda asks locals in Canterbury how much they're God ? ! 

Same question USA Jacob asks .....and again there are plenty of 'after-board-gospel-chats' 

 The man in red had just seen a sketchboard message 

and was ready to commit his life to the Saviour and Lord.......Vic prayed with him.

   Mark to the left and Vic to the right were able to help direct him afterwards 

OAC Washington - Paul Adams - telling the Folks of Folkestone about the solution to 'Lifes Greatest Puzzle'

 My turn to paint 'the world turning', and in turn, tell of peoples need to turn to God  

 ...and on the other hand I have 5 fingers ! 

 Youth Club Outreach with a Fun Quiz 

Regular Weekly Outreaches

 Empowered and Led by the Spirit,

 Paul - "Reasoned...Disputed...Refuted...Proclaimed...Explained..."

Acts 17   Paul " REASONED in the marketplace with those who happened to be there ".

                                                                                                                    Trying to get the Biblical balance 

                                                                                      of reaching the Heart and Mind ! 

In Ashford, this guy dressed as a heart was so interested in the gospel message

 that he told a heckler to "shut up" cos he couldn't hear properly !

And later on.... shoppers stop to think about the small and big choices

 we make in life with our 'hearts and minds' 

These girls wanted to finish off the sketchboard message with a bit of 'street art' 

and the girl at the front said later that she 'now believed' .....

after her questions had been answered 


  No paint yet ! Just the board up...

                               ...and surrounded by little Germans keen to question for ages and read about God/Yaysus ! 

                                                 Prize den Helm !!!  .............and thankyou for your prayers ! 

 South Africa

   ( v near Port Elizabeth in Jeffreys Bay )  (April 2011) 

Dave Webster

The South African team..(see 'Other outreaches')...Dave, Leon, Joel, Jordan, Reuben, Owen, me, Joe, Dan. 

      The car in front slammed their brakes on .....tusk in time !

                                                                                                                    All out..... at Dave and Pams church

                                                                                                                           Sleeping in the church for the 1st few nights .....

                                                                                                                 Leon gets grilled till his eyes can 'stands no more' !


                                                                                                                "So team, stand in the middle of the street, 

                                                                                          when they stop - give the tracts through the windows....

                                                                                                                                     if they have windows"   

                                                                                                 Right next to the beach we shared the Gospel 

                                                                  Marco (Italian  market stall manager in purple) 

                                                                    recently saved -  joins in the chats about the Messiah 

                                                                                                    Saying goodbye....... but never forgotten !

           Villi (see S.Africa write up) translates into Africaans

                     as I show the 'Farm School Kids' the difference between a Miracle and Magic.. ...via the 3 rope trick

                                                                                                                                        Finally in S.A... 

                                                                                                                 Our last Sunday at Dave and Pams Church. 

                                                                                                        The team say goodbye with a Gospel Sketch

Back in the UK 

                                                                                                                     Some 'friendly'Dover locals with dog are shocked

                                                                                                                   when K smiles and answers their toughest questions

                                                                                                                    Chris (OAM) proclaiming the Good News in Ashford

                                                                                                                 using his magnetboard over the sketchboard

           They stayed to talk for half an hour......

    Backpacking traveller from the USA was Jewish but distrusted the Bible because of how  'evolution has disproved it'. 

        The student bluebackpack girl believed  'all life is an illusion' 

                                                               Both common themes - these existential, post modern, humanistic days!

                                                                                               Chinese family on the right stayed to talk afterwards

                                                                              of the 'Middle Eastern man' who gave His life for 'Far Easterns'

Back on the Streets 

                                                           Students reaching fellow students on the streets of Canterbury  

        Who's bananas ?!   1 of these  students in Ramsgate is.               

       They all believed they came from apes, but, 'the banana' took a gospel leaflet

    written by a Professor of Science........ after a long discussion.


    Gospel in the streets in

  Istanbul Turkey 

Team chats after outreaches in a Kebab cafe.

 Chris of OAM on the left. 

O.M David, on the right, spent 9 days in prison for telling the good news on the streets.

 He's still out each week  bravely with sketchboard !

Back in Britain 

                                                                          After so many years worshipping Mary, this gypsy lady now Worships the LORD,.... 

                                                                                                                     grandaughter Katleen  with brush



  Group of German young tourists

 very open to the Gospel

                                                                                                      In Ramsgate, Dad drew the picture

                                                                                                          and this brave girl did a Bible message to passers by


 Neil offering a New Start in Dover


Young and old hear the Good News 

of Salvation for the first time in Canterbury

  "Behold I bring you Good News of Great JOY which shall be for ALL people"  

 This message is for the Whole Year through !!!!  :-) :-D