.......Real Lives......


                                    We all speak to hundreds through the year,

                                                        a few are ready to turn and Believe in the Lord Jesus 

                                         - many are keen to take Bibles and tracts...to consider the claims.

                                                     "To Him All the prophets give witness, that through His Name, 

                                                    whoever Believes in Him,   shall receive the forgiveness of sins".   Acts 10:43

                                  Here are just a couple of the people 

                             I've spoken to in various towns around Kent

        ***      A College student who we met has been returning weekly for about 3 years !  
                    He goes to Burger King afterwards with us to join us there for Life and Bible conversations.
                       On Wednesday September 16th he finally surrendered his life and now Believes !
                                                     I baptised him in the sea soon afterwards.
                                             We're thinking of renaming the Burger King...to 
                                                                      "The King of Kings  Q n A Centre " !   :-) 

     *** In Ramsgate, A German Pharmacy student was at first very skeptical of any accuracy in the Bible

                    due to 'evolutionary science' and it's supposed displacement of God. I reasoned with him from

                         logic, common sense and proper science and he was very soon 

                             talking to me about the very heart of the Gospel and it's importance in his life.

                                 He left thankful, with a Bible he once scorned and rejected.

          ***  A Jewish lady (and her partner) were shocked to find that I actually

                      believed the Jewish prophecies of Yeshua and that I knew a bit of Hebrew. 

                           She left thoroughly challenged and with a specific Jewish tract.

        ***  4 College girls  were intrigued by the cryptic sketchboard message 

                and 3 of them were very serious  about their need of getting right with God. 

                  1 of them was a Buddhist and spoke honestly of her depression and seeking for inner peace.

          ***  A Polish man in his 40s told me straight away of his recent seeking for Truth 

                      and his lack of peace in knowing the things he should do, he can't do.

                         He was engrossed in the Gospels message of forgiveness and power to change his heart. 

   *** A woman in Folkestone argued with me that she should be allowed to 'live life as she pleased'. 

              When I spelt out to her that she's not actually an 'overgrown bacteria'

                  and actually made in Gods image, that believing in the Lord Jesus Christ means,

                     He then becomes LORD/Master of her life, 

                        she almost immediately surrendered to Him and wanted His Lordship in her life. 

          ***A 19 year old College boy was very anti at first, but after reasoning with him respectfully, 

                 he change his tune majorly. He became convinced that Intelligent Design made more sense

                    than big bang macro evolution and then began telling me of his bad relations 

                          between himself and his Dad, etc. 

                             He left incredibly thankful with a Bible and armful of tracts to devour.

         ***   A man in his 50s was at first angry and dismissive 

                     but as I chatted to him, he eventually left saying 

                           "thanks so much for actually being genuine and logical, 

                                 you've really got me thinking, yes can I have some leaflets"


           ***  After explaining the Gospel for just a few minutes in Folkestone, 

                        a woman called Anne in her 40s then told me she wanted to 

                          go be alone with God and get right with him, making Jesus Lord and Saviour. 

            ***  In Maidstone, 19 year old Sam told me he wanted to apologise

                        for his attitude and remarks last month. 

                          He'd been angry about my dismantling Evolution, but, it got him thinking 

                               and he then asked me if he could have some more material

                                        on Intelligent Design/Creation and the Bible/Gospel.

        ***    A 6th form boy has been returning to ask various questions

                      about Creation and Biblical accuracy, etc, for some months.

                       He recently turned up with a real smile on his face to tell me 

                          he's changed his mind and now believes what I told him.

    ***  In Sittingbourne, Terry in his 30s explained that he was living

                with fear and guilt and worry, that he knew only God could deal with. 

                   He wanted to pray there and then for his sin to be forgiven 

                       and Jesus to be Master of his life.

      ***  One young woman who was around leafleting in town, 

               stopped to listen and when I explained about Gods love and justice, 

                  she became very teary and was very serious about the Gospel challenge.

  ***  In Deal, Jarred the motorbiker,  listened to the sketchboard message

             and asked some burning questions that had been heavy on his heart. 

               He left with various tracts after a long chat and was very thankful,

                 explaining that he wouldn't normally be in town but so glad he was that day.

   ***   In Maidstone, Achmed from Morocco was very serious in his consideration

                of Jesus being more than a Prophet. He's emailed me, now weighing up
                  the consequences of believing in Jesus as Gods Son and Saviour.                                                                                                                               
      ***    26 year old Robert in Dover listened to the sketchboard message and he wanted to get                                                          right with God there and then. This he did, and stayed with us for hours. I advised him about                                                 what to say to his girlfriend who he's engaged to ! 

       ***  A 24 yr old guy from Ashford returned to chat having seen a few sketchboard messages.                                                      He texted  me later to say he wanted to get his life sorted and on track with God from now on.                                                I met up with him, spent a few hours spelling out the Gospel and answering his questions. He now                                     believes in the Lord and is making major changes in his lifestyle.

  *** In Folkestone, a teenager called 'Milan' from the Czech Rep. , listened to my sketchboard message 
            with his brothers and sister. He returned later by himself saying "I want to be a real Christian like you"  

    *** A message that normally lasts 15 minutes, lasted over 2 hours ! 
            With over 30 people crowded around throughout, I answered questions from Muslims,
               Student Evolutionists, Gays, etc. A Christian guy who saw the great interest, was greatly                                                          encouraged and thankful "for having witnessed the Holy Spirit clearly reaching hearts and minds"  

 *** A Heroin addict in his 40's stopped for hours and said he wants to make Jesus Lord of his                                                        life and finish with all his drugs. Ian's now helping him with a drug rehab course.

  *** In Margate, A woman with mother and daughter in tow, heckled my sketchboard message                                                         but as I answered her gripes and chatted to them later, she 'changed her tune',                                                                                          agreed of her need to turn to God and be saved. She asked for a church to go to. 

  *** In Folkestone , a Jewish University lecturer disputed with us for hours in town over the                                                         Bibles  accuracy and Evolutions claims to our Origins. He joined us in Burger King later for a                                                 coffee and further debate with me.

          *** 2 Students, boyfriend and girlfriend, listened to our reasoning with the lecturer (above)
                      and became convinced of cracks in evolutions claims and very happy to take gospel
                         and I.D/Creation/Gospel leaflets away to consider. 
         *** In Dover in, a gang of 15 yr old boys spent an hour asking me questions about
                       Creation/Evolution, Bible, Gospel, suffering, etc. 
                          All now seeing Jesus and the Cross for real and they took away many leaflets. 
     ***  A student from a Uni came up to me and humbly apologised for what he'd said to me                                              a                 few weeks back. He's seriously considering what I'd said now.
       (This has happened on a number of occasions - initial reaction changing into convinced/convicted )
       *** An old lady, with tears in her eyes, told me of the hurt she'd blamed God for but now knew                                                      that she can't use this as an excuse for not Believing in Jesus to save her

       *** A little 9 year old girl liked the rope trick I did explaining how God made us
                   and made a way for forgiveness and New Life.
                        She left very thankful and happy with a tract for children.

*** A Jewish man in his 20's chatted for a long time about the prophecies fulfilled                                                                              proving Yeshua to be the Messiah. He shook my hand saying "you've given me much to think about"

  *** In Gillingham , A gay man in his 50s, stayed to talk for an hour.   
             He revealed how his lifestyle had been brought on by pain in his life. 
                 He left with my sketchboard painting in his bag, along with a New Testament.

         *** A student who disliked the John 3:16 message so much that he ate the tract
                      he took in front of his friends to show how tasteless it is to say
                          that there's a 'God/Creator who Loves'.
 *** Varied Muslims from various countries - debate, and we have excellent tracts specifically for them and                                  a websites address run by ex-Muslims. A Saudi Man  recently took a number of booklets in Arabic 
                    and wanted to check out the website. 

     *** Many groups of Foreign young students from Europe, many believing in Evolution,
                 but on hearing real scientific evidence for an Amazing Designer/Creator, 
                       leave thinking for real and seriously about the Bible and Jesus and the Gospel.                                                                         One working on his Honours Degree in Biology said I was a 'breath of fresh air'                                                                        in 'presenting Creation in a Credible way' and the Gospel in an 'undertandable' way.j

                     And the ongoing friendly Regulars.........
             *** There are various Market stall holder guys who I have regular chats with. 
                           They're open to talk about God, end times, prophecies, the Gospel, etc.                                                                                     They don't see us as a threat to their business and are amazed
                              that when we're around, the weather tends to be dry and not so windy :- ) 

      *** For over a year, 3 students in Canterbury still return most weeks for friendly banter.
                 They sometimes go with us for a drink at Burger King
                     and have told us of their family pains, concerns with the Bible, etc.  
                  Their attitudes have changed so much from anger and venom to respect and intrigue.

            *** One student girl has known us for many years now and in that time 
                         has brought all sorts of friends along to ask me questions about                                                                                                    the Bible/ God / Jesus / Creation/ Suffering, etc.
                                                      Plus we meet Various Christians....

                                             backslidden / churchweary / confused / hurting , etc. 

                                       And some who are seriously encouraged and inspired

                                       after seeing how we reach all sorts........to go do likewise.